NAGA Whiteboards – Sleek Scandinavian Design for Home and Office

Simple yet effective, decorative yet functional, the NAGA range of magnetic boards and accessories add style to any interior. Modern design must meet exacting standards to make a statement. Traditional Scandinavian design has become renowned for multi-functional, sustainable and affordable solutions for residential and commercial interiors. Although a ‘love it or hate it’ response to […]

Open Plan Versus Closed Office

We never intend our businesses to remain static, but envisage their growth and evolution over weeks, months and years. So when it comes to your office space, the same rules should most definitely apply To many, the open plan office is a nightmarish scenario of noise, distraction and artificial light; a scene which should remain […]

How Glass Whiteboards Improve Office Productivity

glass whiteboards improve productivity

  Do your employees get bored in meetings? Does attention flag when discussing new products or during planning sessions? Does your business have trouble developing and implementing new concepts and ideas? Glass whiteboards provide an attractive, simple and effective way to encourage communication and planning in an office. They quickly become an essential element in […]

Glass Whiteboards

Glass Whiteboards Glass Whiteboards from Designer Allboards offer a sleek and stylish appearance that enhances the look of any space – perfect for meeting rooms and client-facing areas. Our glassboards add a sophisticated look to any office or commercial environment. The non-porous glass surface is highly durable and stain resistant, making erasing a breeze. Glass […]