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NAGA Magnetic Glassboards; the perfect combination of functionality & modern design

Designer Allboards is proud to offer you NAGA’s  extensive glass board range of magnetic, pin, whiteboards and glassboards for use at home or in the office. Our selection of excellent products adds a ‘splash of panache’ to modern spaces, combining simplicity of style with full functionality

Naga Magnetic Glass Notice Board In Australia

A broad range of stunning designs

Whether you prefer a natural look, bright, modern colour or multi-functional designs, Our NAGA glass boards and whiteboard products have the ideal solution for your home or office space. Simple and quick to mount onto walls, or as an easy to relocate mobile board, our range covers solutions to suit any environment, requirement or colour scheme.

A wide selection of shapes & sizes, finishes & uses

From circular, beautifully natural NAGA-Nord magnetic boards decorated in marble, stone or wood-effect veneers to detailed or abstract map designs, all the way up to transparent or mirrored NAGA business boards with integrated planners or projection surfaces, modern spaces can be quickly and easily transformed. Create an eye-catching display with multiple boards or keep it simple with larger pieces cut to your sizing specifications, coloured to merge perfectly with your interior.


The majority of our boards can be instantly personalised thanks to the extensive NAGA range of accessories. Add photos using emoji magnets, or increase your storage capabilities with magnetic boxes which remain firmly in place even with heavier loads. Make quick, perfectly straight adjustments to columns and rows with board tape, or add hooks or stylised map pins to your plain or decorated boards. We even supply beautifully made lettering for the black felt letter board, and pins for our sturdy hessian pin boards.

Danish design: simplicity, style & function

Scandinavia is world-renowned for functional design. All NAGA products have been created to reflect Nordic excellence right across the ‘board’:

  • Stunning design: a beautiful selection of inspirational shapes, colours and finishes
  • Multi-functionality: a wide choice of clever accessories and various writing options for magnetic glass boards and magnetic whiteboards
  • Minimum effort: all of our boards are simple to install or move around
  • Choice of writing materials: use markers or chalk to add or edit information
  • Easy to clean: simply wipe clean with a dry cloth. For a deeper clean, we supply a liquid board cleaner in its own magnetic box.
  • Reliable: from carefully glued veneers to extra-strength magnets, all NAGA boards boast a long, useful life
  • Customisable: a full range of elegant accessories and the option to order tailor-made magnetic whiteboard or magnetic glass board solutions for any space

Introducing the Naga Magnetic Glass Board

The Naga magnetic glass board, available now from Designer Allboards, is a versatile communications platform allowing your teams to collaborate and keep organized.

The most common cause of failure in team projects is due to ineffective communication between the team members. Another very common cause of failure is when teams stray too far from their original goals and lose focus.

Using simple, low technology communication systems like whiteboards, corkboards, glassboards, and notice boards may seem old-fashioned to some, but in many ways these devices offer distinct advantages over more recent technology such as computers and cellphones.

Specific advantages of the Naga Magnetic Glass Notice Board

For the moment we’ll disregard similar technologies from the same class such as standard whiteboards and noticeboards, because the magnetic glass board  from Naga combines all the best features of these products into a single product. To keep things simple, we’ll focus exclusively on what this glass notice board can do for you.

Also, for the sake of comparison, we’ll look at what the Naga product offers that makes it better than computer technology in certain contexts.

Bear in mind that we are not trying to say that a simple board is better than a computer or that it can replace one. The message is that if you leverage the strengths of both these very divergent technology classes, you will achieve better results than would be possible with either one alone. The main strengths of going “low tech” in group collaboration are centred around usability and information security.

  • Does not require electricity to operate.
  • No training required.
  • Whatever you erase stays erased.
  • No signal emissions, ensuring your corporate secrets stay secret.

Clearly there are advantages to using computers, too. Using a board is very good for quickly relaying information that everyone in the group can see instantly in a group meeting.

Computers are better for relaying more long-term information that needs to be more widely disseminated, although this also comes with considerably greater information security risk.

The Naga is the best magnetic notice board in Australia

Whether it is better to choose a glassboard or a whiteboard depends on the unique requirements you have. Sometimes it can be good to have both, which gives you the maximum range of options.

With a glassboard, you have the option of leaving it fully transparent, or adding a backing colour behind it. When a glassboard is transparent, it has the advantage that you can see through it, which can sometimes be a useful property.

One of the most common applications for a transparent glassboard is as a low cost “lightboard” for instructional video presentations. When this is set up correctly, it can create the impression that the lecturer is drawing directly onto the viewer’s screen. It is a very effective technique that looks good when high quality production values are followed.

Another specific example of where transparency is a positive attribute is where the situation requires a high level of situational awareness. If area in the background must be observed at all times, a transparent glassboard enables you to do this.

You can tell right away that the Naga magnetic notice board is a class act. The quality and craftsmanship are as clear as glass. Incidentally, that’s precisely what this excellent magnetic notice board is made from. If you’re buying a notice board, it should be a Naga glass magnetic board .

You can buy your Naga magnetic glass board from us quickly and conveniently online for great value and free shipping to anywhere in Australia. If you have any questions about this product or other products that may be suitable for your needs, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with answers.


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